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Rob’s colour | #FECD32

Bringing to life as I digitally touch, capturing in the highest possible quality through years of experience, research, personal interest & inquisitiveness. Combining old & new to form the best combination of equipment ever created aiming to create the signal that overcomes noise..

#Film #Portrait #Branding | PRESENT

My name is Rob Helmink. 12+ years of Sales experience, selling Hardware, Software, Cloud solutions & Hosting internationally. Photography was in the family & serves an extra limb, as me (9) and my sister (8) went into the Doka at a very young age; where we were educated by our dad in all technicalities.

At a young age I became extremely interested in technology, where my dad was one of the first programmers around & showed me how to create computer games, were I had access to the very first computer hardware around where I learned to program.

#MS-DOS #QBasic #Symbos | 1993 – 2005

My interests grew, where I transmorphed into an early innovator as I now see trends arrise long before others do in my fields. Where my fields now are Visuals, Sales, Branding & Technology. If you are interested in my extensive portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact me.

#Innovator #Trends #Technology | 1993 – PRESENT